Law:The Destruction of the Last Vestiges of Schneiderism Act

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The Destruction of the Last Vestiges of Schneiderism Act

The Cosâ, in its "infinite wisdom," approved a Jack-authored bill (LC27, 10/91) that, in characteristically muddled language (and thinking), denounced "Capitalism's intrinsically resulting social classism and political plutocracy." It called Capitalism "antithetical to the Christian virtues," which inlde "anti-wealth tendencies and non-ecxploitation of the weak." He goes on and on, referring to it as "Law of the Jungle economics"which in the end must be "continually modified or even disbanded" so that we don't fall into "a philosophy of Social Darwinism or natural law." Holy cow! O.K., so capitalism isn't perfect, but what this current law does is give sanction to Jack's definition of it, which no one save Satro and Kim Il Sung share. In approving this bill, the Cosâ hereby strikes down LC27 of 10/91, and instead takes no position one way or the other on the issue of "Capitalism."

Proposed by: John A. Jahn (PC-Maritiimi-Maxhestic)

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