Law:The Devil (i.e. Hool) Made Me Do It

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40PD2 — The Devil (i.e. Hool) Made Me Do It

I, Iustì Canun, Seneschal del Regipäts Talossan, with all duly vested executive authority and stuff, do hereby PROMULGATE this PRIME DICTATE:

WHEREAS S:da Sarah Shamblin has been the girlfriend of S:r Danihel Forestal for months, and

WHEREAS anyone who can put up with S:r Forestal for that long deserves Talossan citizenship (The Best Thing Money Can’t Buy), and

THEREFORE said citizenship, and citizenship in the Province of Atatürk, is hereby granted to S:da Sarah Shamblin, pending approval from our glorious Sovereign, King John I.

Done under my hand this thirteenth day of November, 2009.

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