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The Donatüs Act

Whereas most Talossans have Talossan-language names which are translations into Talossan of what their names mean in the languages they come from; and Whereas Ben Madison is the exception to this rule, the Cosâ hereby changes his Talossan name. His name is currently Rôibeard Desmats, which is derived from "Madison". Since "Madison" comes from "son of Matthew" and "Matthew" means "gift" in Hebrew, the King now gets the new last name Donatüs (from the Latin word for "gift"). This also commemorates Donatus, an African religious leader of the 4th Century--an ancient Berber ancestor. All references to Desmats in the Constituziun are changed to Donatüs. Voting for this legislation does not necessarily commit any Member of the Cosâ to a Berber heritage.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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