Law:The Duce Day Talossan National Holiday Act

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The Duce Day Talossan National Holiday Act

WHEREAS Benito Mussolini has featured prominently in the heart and mind of our King for over a decade; and

WHEREAS the name and legacy of the late Italian creator of Fascism continue to influence the King and feature prominently within Talossan history and culture; now

THEREFORE the Cosâ hereby enacts a nationally observed holiday in remembrance and commemoration of Il Duce. From now on, July 29th each year is proclaimed 'duce day' (mussolini was born 7/29/1883). Talossans are necouraged to observe that day with appropriate reflection, and to shout "DUCE! DUCE! DUCE!" with appropriate enthusiasm and genuflection.


Proposed by: John Joahn (PC-Maritiimi)

Scribe's Note: This Act was repealed by Act of the 42nd Cosa with the passage of 42RZ18

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