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6RC80 — The Electoral Reform Act

Resolved, that the next general election employ a system of secret postal balloting, to guarantee secrecy, anonymity, and true democracy.

Furthermore, in place of the current system in which party leaders dole out Cosa seats after an election (which can result in absurdities), a new system is hereby adopted whereby each party member announces before the election all potential MC's for that party. (No person may be named against his will). These names are then listed underneath the name of the party on the ballot. In the election, voters will rank the names from first in preference to last, and the top picks for each party will fill that party's seats in order of public preference. The exact working of the system will be announced in the press so that this bill doesn't go on forever. [Amended by 7RC50] Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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