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The Eritrean Independence Celebration Act

WHEREAS the Kingdom of Talossa through its official ideology, World Singular Secessionism, is in favour of break-offs everywhere, and WHEREAS, the people of Eritrea in East Africa have recently voted overwhelmingly to free themselves of Ethiopian rule, and WHEREAS Ethiopia is ready to accept their wishes and grant them freedom, and WHEREAS Eritrea holds a special place in (some of) our hearts as being one of the few places on earht that Il Duce actually actually ruled for a length of time (he no doubt being partially responsible for the high level of development and civilisation enjoyed in Eritrea today), THEREFORE the Cosâ hereby CONGRATULATES the Eritreans on their independence, RECOGNISES Eritrea as an independent, sovereign state, BEAMS them our invincible moral support for the difficult days to come, and SALUTES them with outstretched arms (or at least hands) as they join us in the community of fre nations.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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