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The Establishment of the Senäts Amendment

The Cosâ hereby establishes a second, upper House for the Talossan Parliament, in order to safeguard Talossa by placing a veto in the hands of all Talossans who have persistently maintained their devotion to Talossa through long-term, active participation. The following articles are added to the Constituziun:

Art. 24. There shall be a Senäts (in English: "Senate") composed of Senators, who shall serve at the pleasure of the King without limit of numbers, who have attained the age of 20 years, been citizens of Talossa five years, and who have voted in at least half the elections to the Cosâ in which they were eligible to vote during the five years preceding their Appointment. The King shall summon such qualified persons to be Senators, and may dismiss Senators if they fail to maintain high standards of participation. Citizens seeking admission to the Senäts shall petition the King for a Senatorship, and shall produce such proof of their eligibility as may be required.

Art. 25. The Senäts shall review all laws passed by the Cosâ and, unless they act otherwise, shall be presumed to consent to same.

Art. 26. The Senäts shall elect its own President and shall administer its own business as it sees fit, whether on a statutory or an ad hoc basis. Each Senator shall have one vote.

Art. 27. The Senäts, by a vote of more than half its members, may abrogate any act of the Cosâ within two months of its passage. The Senäts is not a political body. Its power, it is presumed, shall only be exercised in cases of extreme danger to the life, integrity, or national identity of the Kingdom of Talossa, and not frivolously or for partisan advantage.

Additionally, the Cosâ hereby resolves: The Senäts shall come into being on 1 January 1996 when the first Senators receive their Appointments. John Jahn is designated as President of the Senäts.

Noi urent q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode); John A. Jahn, (PC-M-M.)

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