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The FLUNK Legalisation Act

WHEREAS, in Spetember 1992 the Cosâ created the "Shrine" of FLUNK as a territorial unit distinct from its neighbouring Province despite the fact that the Constituziun (Art. 85) does not allow the territory of Talossa to be divided into entities other than Territories and Provinces, but WHEREAS, Nick Kovac and Andrew Worm have done a good job as the high priests of their Shrine, and the Cosâ has no wish to deprive them of their personal fantasy fiefdom, THEREFORE: The Cosâ hereby reconstitutes FLUNK as a "sacred shrine of Talossa" within Mussolini Province by which shall have full provincial-like authority over its own territory (a sort of Autonomous Okrug under Nick's and Andy's control) and shall not be subject to the laws of the Province, but rather shall have the unique provincial-like relations to the National Government envisioned in their original bill.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode), Nick Kovac (MP-FLUNK)

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