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The Final Solution to the Dead Citizens Problem Act

Whereas, some Talossan citizens have not been seen nor heard from in years, and Whereas their perpetual absence from parties, voting, etc. is considered a national embarrassment and a bookkeeping hassle, and Whereas these people obviously no longer consider their Talossan citizenship to be of importance to the wider community, THEREFORE the Cosâ hereby enacts the following Constitutional Amendment to enable the Talossan people to prune these dead branches from the living tree that is Talossa. The folowing new article is added:

Art. 97a Because voluntary mass mobilisation is vital to national morale, the Cos&aciric; may revoke the citizenship of persons who are chronically inactive and/or inaccessible. A resolution to that effect may be presented as a bill to the Cosâ and shall take effect if approved by twi-thirds of the seats/ The PM's and Deputy PM's "extra seats" do not count when voting on such a bill. If the bill receives royal assent, the citizenship of the person(s) named in the bill is immediately terminated for all purposes. A person whose citizenship has been terminated may, if he reappears, appeal to the Uppermost Cort for reinstatement. The Cort may reinstate terminated citizenship by a simple majority vote. Failing that, the person must reundergo the standard naturalisation procedure.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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