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The Finish the Finnish Act (Amendment)

WHEREAS Article II, Section 10 of the Organic Law specifies that the motto of our nation is the Finnish translation of the English language phrase "A Man's Room Is His Kingdom", and

WHEREAS Article II, Sections 8 and 10 of the Organic Law specify that this motto is "Miehen Huone on Hänen Valtakunta", and

WHEREAS it has come to the attention of the nation, thanks to fellow-citizens fluent in Finnish, that the translation is not entirely correct, and

WHEREAS by "not entirely correct", we mean that it should be "Miehen Huone on Hänen Valtakuntansa", and

WHEREAS being entirely correct is better than being not entirely correct, and

WHEREAS His Majesty's Royal Archivist has been unable to determine any historical reason for the use of a mistranslation as our national motto, and

WHEREAS this leads us to believe that this was just an unfortunate error, and

WHEREAS errors should be corrected, now

THEREFORE while declaring its respect for the traditions and history of the nation, and sure in the knowledge that today's strong and proud Talossa stands as proof that a nation with a mistranslated motto has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, the Ziu hereby approves the following amendment to the Organic Law, and transmits it to the populace for ratification:

The letters "nsa" are hereby added to the end of the word "Valtakunta" where it appears in Sections 8 and 10 of Article II.

FURTHERMORE, the Senäts and the Cosâ humbly request of His Majesty the King that upon the ratifaction of this amendment to the Organic Law, the Sovereign shall see fit to instruct His Majesty's household officers the Scribe of Abbavilla and the Squirrel King of Arms to expeditiously make appropriate modifications to the public literature and to the royal arms.

ADDITIONALLY, the Ziu hereby officially expresses its thanks and appreciation to the word "Valtakunta" for standing in for "Valtakuntansa" all these many years, and requests that consideration be given this word by Talossans everywhere, that they may perhaps find use for it within their daily conversations, perhaps as a part of our national language, for we, the Ziu, state that we wish this important word, which served this nation so well for so long and which now becomes a link to our mistranslated past, never to be lost.

Uréu q'estadra så:

Xhorxh Asmoûr, MC (RUMP) Baron Hooligan (MC, RUMP) Ián Páir Danôis (MC, CRO)

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