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The Frank Sinatra Day Recognition Act

Whereas, in a recent music survey, Frank Sinatra was chosen as Talossa‘s favorite male vocalist (by a wide margin); and Whereas; only one Talossan actually belongs to any fan club for any performer (and that's F.S.); and Whereas, Sinatra recordings are always presented at official Talossan get-togethers (Talossafest/Anniversary); and Whereas, he recorded a lovely duet in '93 with Talossa‘s National Entertainer (Gloria Estefan); and Whereas, Sinatra has worked tirelessly entertaining America/Talossa for 6 decades, and has given generously to charities and even pioneered racial/religious tolerance (1945's "The House I Live In"); and Whereas, this December 12th will be Mr. Sinatra's 80th birthday; Therefore, Talossa hereby gives hin1 what will surely be his greatest award that day - the declaration of Tuesday, Dec. 12th, 1995 as "Frank Sinatra Day" throughout the Kingdom, and Talossans are encouraged to celebrate by playing their favorite Sinatra recording and celebrating appropriately.

Proposed by: John A. Jahn, International Sinatra Society Member since 1992 (PC-M-M)

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