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The Grim Reaper Act

Whereas, keeping track of who did or did not vote each election is a burdensome but necessary task (due to the “Three Strikes and You're Out" law); and whereas the sitting Sec'y of State may wish to delegate this duty to someone besides himself; the Cosâ hereby sets up the official governmental position of Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper is named by the Sec'y of State, and serves entirely at his pleasure. The Sec'y of State automatically serves as the Grim Reaper if no other citizens has been specifically named to that position. The sole function of the Grim Reaper is to keep track of whether Talossans have voted or not in past elections, and report to the Sec'y of State the following:

before the election begins, the names of citizens having two strikes for non-voting against them; immediately after the election, the names of citizens who have lost their citizenship due to suffering their third strike.

Proposed by: John A. Jahn (PC-M-M)

Scribe's Note: This Act was repealed by passage of The Royal Household Cleaning Act 35RZ24 .

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