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39RZ14 — The Have a Coca and a Smile Act

WHEREAS Alanna Coca, better known to those Talossans she is most familiar with as Coleen, began pursuing Talossan citizenship, the best thing money can't buy, back in June of last year or something, and

WHEREAS time passed and she had taken a powder, and

WHEREAS this effectively terminated her immigration process, according to 35RZ22, The Umpteenth Immigration Reform Act, and

WHEREAS pursuant to the terms of that governing legislation, the said Alanna Coca (a.k.a. Coleen) is eligible to pursue citizenship in this great nation again, but it can be granted to her only through the extraordinary measure of legislation passed by this august body and approved by that guy with the beard, if we can pry him away from his paperback book collection long enough to assent to such a thing, and

WHEREAS the said Alanna Coca, having claimed to wise up -- or at least to have succumbed to the pain of the arm-twisting being visited upon her by other Talossans, who shall remain nameless but who are related to both her and me -- now indicates an active and ardent interest in becoming a Talossan citizen, and

WHEREAS there's no reason yet to doubt her, but we have until the end of the February Clark to see if she's gonna take another powder, and

WHEREAS the said Alanna Coca is the only one of my sisters who was smart enough to marry one of my own high school buddies (someone who has inspired me in my choice of -- or at least resignation to -- our common hairdo), a really great guy who doesn't deserve to be saddled with a non-Talossan wife, now

THEREFORE pursuant to clause 6 of Talossan statutory law 35RZ22, the Ziu hereby directs that a grant of citizenship be issued by the King, through His Majesty's Chancery, for Alanna Coca.

Noi urent q'estadra sa:
Tepistà (MC, RUMP)
Xhorxh Asmour (MC, CCCP)
Flip Molinar (MC, CCCP)

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