Law:The Highly Sceptical Recognition of Palestine Act

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8RC30 — The Highly Sceptical Recognition of Palestine Act

The Kingdom of Talossa, mindful of the sovereign right of all nations to self-government, hereby recognises the Independent State of Palestine as comprising the pre-1967 borders of the West Bank and Gaza. We call upon the United States and Israel to do the same and to negotiate with the Palestinian Liberation Organisation. Furthermore we condemn the United States for its refusal to allow Mr Arafat to address the UN in New York. However, being realists, we promise that all of the above is provisional and will be rescinded at once if the PLO or its member sub-thuggeries persist in blowing up school buses or throwing cripples into the ocean. A copy of this declaration shall be sent by the Foreign Minister to the United Nations.

Proposed by: Tom Buffone (PC-Mussolini); Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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