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45RZ18, The Holding Back the Waive Act

This law is currently

Ziu 45th Clark 4th
Sponsored by:

Cosa.png Cosa: PASSED
PER 104 — CON 26 — AUS 23

Senats.png Senäts: PASSED
PER 4 — CON 1 — AUS 0

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WHEREAS all Talossans should be equal before the law, and

WHEREAS equality before the law in undoubtedly a good thing, and

WHEREAS to that extent no waivers should be considered, and

WHEREAS it’s best if Talossans have the opportunity to get to know every prospective citizen that happens by, and

WHEREAS there’s probably a good reason for having a set amount of time to get to know new people, and

WHEREAS this should apply to Berbers too, and

WHEREAS it would be discriminatory to waiver the normal procedure of one prospective of North African Berber ancestry but not others, and

WHEREAS the effort of determining whether the ancestry is true or not probably isn’t worth it, and

WHEREAS it’s just easier for everyone if all prospectives’ immigration applications are treated the same, and

WHEREAS The Law Of Return Act didn’t really work anyway, now

THEREFORE be it enacted by the Ziu that 31RZ21 (The Law of Return Act) which reads:

PROVISION 1: During each elected Cosâ term, the Immigration Minister and Uppermost Cort shall be empowered to grant Talossan citizenship to ONE (1) person of demonstrable North African Berber ancestry who has explicitly applied for Talossan citizenship. Other normal provisions for citizenship shall be waived in this one case.
PROVISION 2: The exact means for verifying claims of said ancestry shall be worked out between the Cort and the Immigration Minister, with the Cort having final say in case of disputed cases.
PROVISION 3: In the event of multiple applications, the special grant of citizenship may only go to one person; any others will need to apply via the normal rules of naturalization.
PROVISION 4: The Culture Minister shall take appropriate steps to advertise in Berber forums upon the approval of this bill.

is hereby repealed.

FURTHERMORE, be it resolved by the Ziu that it would still be pretty cool if we managed to attract more citizens of North African Berber ancestry.

Uréu q'estadra så:

C. Carlüs Xheraltescu (MC, ZRT)

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