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37RZ14 — The I Can't Believe That's Law Act

WHEREAS there are some truly ridiculous laws which appear to still be on the books, unedited and still in force, and

WHEREAS that is pretty lame and we don't want that, and

WHEREAS statute 6RC35 or the "The Symbolic Unity Programme Act" establishes entirely boring official seals, fails to present a logically workable version, since if the line is to the left of the Ben symbol then to the right of the line would be the Ben symbol so the words couldn't go there and didn't anyone bother to puzzle out this grammar, and

WHEREAS statute 25RZ52 or "The Morning-After Act" is incredibly presumptuous in its breadth and unsupported in its assertion that a majority of social problems are caused by unwanted pregnancies, and additionally is pre-empting the medical authorities of our poor Cestoûrs, and

WHEREAS statute 34RZ7 or "The Smoking Ban Act" attempts to ban smoking in all buildings except places of residence, and citizens should not endure such an assault on their freedom should they wish to open a bar or club which permits smoking, and this Act would also essentially put all tobacconists out of business and that would be bad,

THEREFORE statutes 6RC35, 25RZ52, and 34RZ7 are hereby abolished and declared to no longer be in effect.

Uréu q'estadra så:
His Majesty's Government, represented by Alexandreu Davinescu, MinStuff (Senator, Maritiimi-Maxhestic)

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