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The Immigration Progress Act

WHEREAS, current immmigration law makes it hard for individuals to join Talossa; and WHEREAS, current immigration prevents the removal of persons who prove themselves undesirable, except as punishment following conviction of a major crime; and

WHEREAS, defining the word "prospective" is difficult, as there is currently no exact moment at which an individual becomes a prospective;

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby resolves:

1. To implement a temporary Immigration system until publication of the second clark of the 33nd Cosâ, or the approval of 5 permanent residents (or more than that if there is more than just the 5th person on his particular Clark), whichever comes first, as follows:

2. The immigration system is now divided into three distinct steps :

a) - Becoming a prospective:

In order to become a prospective, a person needs to submit to the Immigration Minister the online MC95a form ( ) and a picture ID. Upon verification and approval, the Immigration Minister sends a formal, public notice establishing the person as a prospective.

Rights of a Prospective : The prospective is allowed to post on Wittenberg and otherwise interact with the Talossan population. Unless otherwise autorized, he is not allowed to create web pages or publications about Talossa.

b) - Becoming a permanent resident:

Upon delivery of his biography and "What Talossa Means to Me" essay, the Immigration Minister shall move a bill in the Ziu to grant Permanent Resident status to the Prospective. Said status shall be adopted by a two-thirds vote in the Cosâ with the simple majority of the Senäts and the approval of the King.

Upon approval, the Permanent Resident possesses all the rights of a citizen, except actual citizenship, the ability to vote and the right to become Prime-Minister, Deputy Prime-Minister, Minister of Immigration, Secretary of State, Senator, Regent or Monarch. If refused, the individual is no longer considered a Prospective, until reactivated by the Ziu (by majority vote) or a Prime Dictate.

c) - Becoming a citizen:

Within six months a Permanent Resident must completed the citizenship procedure by reading Ár Päts, answering the Civics Test succesfully, and responding to questions the Uppermost Cort shall see fit to ask him.

Once the 6 month period as expired and the resident as completed the citizenship procedures, The Cort may approve or deny the Permanent Resident's application for citizenship. Alternatively, the cort may extend Permanent Resident status for intervals of up to six months (as defined above).

The Cort may, at any time, revoke the Permanent Resident status of any individual.

Once the Cort approves the application of an individual for Citizenship, the individual becomes a Citizen with full and inalienable civil rights under the Organic Law.

3. If this law is repealed, or is not renewed after its expiration, propectives will have to follow rules set prior to passing of this law, or in effect after this law; However, residents not yet approved as citizens will have to follow this law unless allowed otherwise by the Ziu.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Ben Madison - (Deputy Immigration Minister) Marti-Pair Furxheir - (Immigration Minister)

Scribe's note: the name of the sponsor of this bill was changed from his non-Talossan name to his Talossan name at his request.

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