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The Jack Get Off My Back Act

Whereas, there is some public discomfort over the current system of 'BenPost' election ballot delivery, and Whereas, a remarkable consensus on this issue was reached at a recent meeting of the King, PM Jahn and concerned citizen Erni, Therefore the Cosâ with the passage of the following package of constitutional amendments takes a bold step towards fairness and voter responsibility: [Art. 34 is amended to read as follows:] "Every Talossan citizen is entitled to obtain an election ballot. The Secretary of State shall produce election ballots and retain them at his office. Any citizen may, by post or personal visit, obtain a copy (at or below cost) of the ballot for his own use. Furthermore, citizens may freely photocopy ballots and distribute them to other citizens as Taveliéirs (couriers), the point being that any party leader or citizen may send a ballot to any voter felt likely to support him. It is the responsibility of the individual voters and party leaders to obtain and distribute ballots at their own expense. Citizens may under no circumstances alter, amend or abridge ballots." [The first sentence of Art. 35 is amended to read as follows:] "Ballots must be available to the public on the Balloting Day, or as soon thereafter as possible." [Art. 37 is amended to read as follows:] "Voters shall send their ballots back to the Secretary of State by whatever means is most convenient, including having Taveliéirs return their ballots for them if the voter and the Taveliéir concur. Ballots are not secret. If a voter returns more than one ballot, the first one returned is counted and all others are discarded. When the Election Deadline has passed, a final tally of votes (both by ballot and by VIA form) is publicly announced. Any votes arriving after the Deadline, even if they were posted before the Deadline, are considered null and void."

Proposed by: Wes Erni (PC-Vuode); John Jahn (PC-Maritiimi); Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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