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The John Minot for Governor Act

WHEREAS Albrec'ht Stolfi, Military Governor of Maricopa Province, is temporarily but lengthily off-line; and

WHEREAS Gov. Stolfi has indicated his indication to resign from said office due to the aforementioned technical difficulties; and

WHEREAS Maricopa's newest citizen, John Minot, has volunteered his time and effort to serve in the Military Governorship and help guide Maricopa back to a constitutional democracy at some vague time in the future;

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby thankfully ratifies the resignation of Governor Albrec'ht Stolfi and appoints John Minot to serve as the second Military Governor of Maricopa Province.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Ben Madison - (PC-Vuode) John Minot - (PC-Maricopa)

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