Law:The Law and Order Act (for the Establishment of the High Court of Talossa)

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6RC13 — The Law and Order Act (for the Establishment of the High Court of Talossa)

WHEREAS Talossa is a nation of rules and regulations, and

WHEREAS these need to be enforced, and

WHEREAS the Talossan laws need to be upheld and the Constitution interpreted by impartial citizens (or at least, an impartial group of citizens), now

THEREFORE I propose that the Talossan Uppermost Court (TUC) be established.

The TUC is to be comprised of co-equal members from across our political spectrum:

Dan Lorentz (to be our Thurgood Marshall), John Jahn (to be our William Rehnquist), and Ben Madison (to be our Sandra O'Connor).

These will be permanent appointments (as in the U.S.).

All issues and laws brought forth will be reviewed by the TUC, which will meet whenever events warrant. A simple majority of the members of the 3-man TUC will be required to uphold/reject a law.

The TUC will handle all matters relevant and concerning to the RT Constitution. The TUC will meet to consider laws, etc. at the behest of the King, a member of the Cosâ, a provincial Governor General, the PM, or one of its members.

Proposed by: John Jahn (TMP-Süder Territory)

Scribe's Note: Article XVI of The 1997 Organic Law of the Kingdom of Talossa superceded this Act, establishing the frame work for the modern Talossan judiciary.

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