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WHEREAS, by law and by public sentiment, the Kingdom of Talossa is "inextricably and inexplicably connected somehow to Berbers," and

WHEREAS, a genuine Berber voice within the Talossan community would provide our entire nation with both insight into Berber issues that many Talossans find fascinating, and also might provide publicity for the Kingdom of Talossa among genuine Berber people who seek to have fun participating in Talossa,

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby enacts this following "Law of Return" into law as a supplement to our normal Citizenship laws.

PROVISION 1: During each elected Cosâ term, the Immigration Minister and Uppermost Cort shall be empowered to grant Talossan citizenship to ONE (1) person of demonstrable North African Berber ancestry who has explicitly applied for Talossan citizenship. Other normal provisions for citizenship shall be waived in this one case.

PROVISION 2: The exact means for verifying claims of said ancestry shall be worked out between the Cort and the Immigration Minister, with the Cort having final say in case of disputed cases.

PROVISION 3: In the event of multiple applications, the special grant of citizenship may only go to one person; any others will need to apply via the normal rules of naturalization.

PROVISION 4: The Culture Minister shall take appropriate steps to advertise in Berber forums upon the approval of this bill.

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Ben Madison - (MN-Vuode)

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