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23RZ47 — The Lawyeristic Timebomb Defusement Act

WHEREAS, traitor Evan Gallagher as part of an attempt to muck up the provincial system upon which Talossa is based, arranged for the following language to be included in the 1997 Organic Law which he co-wrote:

Article 4, Sec. 8. For the purpose of elections to places in the Senäts, Territories shall be assigned to be part of the Province from which they originated, or if a Territory cannot be so assigned it shall be assigned to a Province by the Ziu. The Territory of Pengöpäts shall be assigned to be part of Cézembre for this purpose.

and WHEREAS, this language allows Territories to have a say in the affairs of Provinces but not vice versa — effectively making territories more powerful than provinces (!),

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby authorizes a national referendum to amend Article 4, Section 8 of the Organic Law to read as follows:

Article 4, Sec. 8. Territories shall have no representation in the Senäts.

Uréu q'estadra så:
R. Ben Madison (PC-Vuode)

Scribe's Notes

  1. This act passed the Cosa 9-6-0 and the Senate 5-1-0.

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