Law:The Mandatory By-Elections Amendment

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The Mandatory By-Elections Amendment

WHEREAS allowing the Prime Minister to decide when By-Elections are held allows an unpopular, craven PM to cling to power despite a disappearing political base in the Cosâ, and WHEREAS the problems resulting from this fact can be easily overcome, THEREFORE the Cosâ hereby amends the sentence "the Prime Minister may, by PD, authorise a by-election to fill any and all vacant seats" to read as follows: "the King shall issue a Writ of Election to authorise a by-election to fill any and all vacant seats." (Note that this make by-elections automaic if an MC refuses to vote on two consecutive Clarks, and takes this function out of the hands of people. The King must conform to this law.

Noi urent q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode) & Dan Lorentz (PW-Mussolini)

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