Law:The National Destiny Referendum Act

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The National Destiny Referendum Act

The Cosâ hereby directs the Secretary of State to conduct a nonbinding national referendum during the month of November 1990, with ballots sent to all available citizens, containing the following question in Talossan and English: Which of the following expresses best your intention for Talossa's future? (Choose one)

Talossa has outlived its usefulness and should cease to exist, passing into history. Talossan democracy has become unpopular or unwieldy, and thus King Robert I should assume executive leadership of the State. Talossa will thus continue existing so we can come back into it at any time, but the cycle of elections and so forth will come to an end, at least for now. Talossa should continue "as is" since those who are currently uninterested can always come back in (if they so choose) whenever they want to.

Proposed by: King Robert I (PC-Vuode)

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