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8RC12 — The National Names Act

In order to further the Talossan people's sense of national peculiarity and ethnic idiosyncrasy, the adoption of Talossan-language names by all citizens is hereby made mandatory. The use of these names for al purposes, public and private, is voluntary, however. Use of these Talossan-language names will be encouraged and no person may be discriminated against for using or not using them. First names will be derived when possible from a master list of direct translations, Last names will be produced during consultation with the person concerned, with the object of producing an aesthetically pleasing last name (with primary regard for a good Talossan translation of the original name's meaning). An Office of National Names (L'Óifisch dals Nóminas Naziunáis - ONN) is establsihed to oversee this process. It is placed under the control of Róibeard Desmats (i.e. Robert Madison).

Proposed by: Róibeard Desmats (PC-Vuode)

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