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The New Baby Bill (Amendment)

WHEREAS, our Constituziun in its present mutilated form denies the basic rights of citizenship to those offspring who spring off from Talossans, and, WHEREAS, the notion of Talossa as an in-bred, discriminatory communiity died along with the Peculiarism that gave birth to it (no pun intended), THEREFORE the Cosâ hereby amends the Constituziun as follows: Add the following Article: "Article 95. Children of one or more Talossan parents (if born after 1 January 1989/X) shall be entitled to acquire Talossan citizenship automatically upon their own request upon reaching their 14th birthday. A formal petition to the Cosâ to that end shall be sufficient to encitizenise said persons. Native-born Talossans ("Dandelions") shall not be granted Talossan citizenship against their will or without actively requesting it. Amend Article 92 to read: "Talossan citizenship is acquired only by birth or by legal action of the Cosâ."

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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