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The Nunavut Resolution

WHEREAS on 1 April, 1999, the Nunavut Act, passed previously by the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada, came into effect, an Act that created a Territory called Nunavut in the Arctic reaches of the Dominion of Canada; and

WHEREAS, on 15 February, 1999, the people of the yet-to-be Territory elected 19 members of a Legislative Assembly, and those MLAs elected Mr. Paul Okalik as Premier-Elect of the Territory of Nunavut, to take office on 1 April; and

WHEREAS these events signal a new era of self-determination for the Inuit and other Arctic peoples of the Dominion of Canada;

THEREFORE the Ziu commends the Dominion of Canada for its creation of Nunavut, and sends its best wishes to Mr. Okalik and his new Government.

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