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6RC15 — The Official Holidays Act

The following days are appointed as "Official Holidays" in the Kingdom of Talossa, to promote reverence of our history and accomplishments. The year of the event itself is put in parentheses for historical reference:

  • 11 January (1980) - Labour Day (Communist coup d'Etat)
  • 23 April (1985) - Newspaper Day (First mapp paper, "TNN")
  • 1 May (1983) - Holiday of Hatred (Theft of RT flag)
  • 24 June (1981) - Immigration Day (First non-Ben citizens)
  • 2 July (1965) - King Robert I's birthday
  • 24 August (1987) - Monarchy Day (Accession of Florence I)
  • 28 September (1981) - Democracy Day (First RT elections)
  • 16 October (1984) - Publicity Day (Dan Lorentz's "Milwaukee Sentinel" article)
  • 25 November (1980) - Victory Day (In the "Cone War")
  • 12 December (1980) - Language Day (Talossan Language first used)
  • 26 December (1979) - Independence Day

FURTHERMORE King Robert I's birthday is to be celebrated by a public fireworks display at the lakefront, to be held no later than a week following the holiday itself. Independence Day is to be celebrated by a public display of the colours green and red.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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