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32RZ19 — The Official Streets Act

WHEREAS over the past several months, numerous Talossans from all across the Talossan political spectrum have participate in the interesting and amusing project of devising street names for all the 90-plus streets found within the borders of the Kingdom of Talossa, and

WHEREAS published versions of the proposed street list have met with virtually unanimous public praise, and

WHEREAS the Kingdom always seeks to promote its national peculiarity and distinctiveness,

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby

ADOPTS as official, the Talossan-language street names listed in the link below, to be used either in place of, or alongside, the older English street names.

Uréu q'estadra så:
Robert Ben Madison - MN-Vuode

Scribe's Notes

  1. The "link" mentioned in the act is lost to antiquity. As a result of the missing link (sorry; bad pun), and by Act of the 42nd Cosa, this Act was repealed by passage of The We've Lost the List Act.

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