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The Omnibus Constituziun Revision Act

WHEREAS, it is a widely held belief among the Talossan people that the current version of the Constituziun is far too difficult to use effectively, and WHEREAS, the current document has been amended countless times since its inception in 1988, and

WHEREAS, there are currently areas within the Constituziun which are diflicult to understand, contridictory and ineffective, and

WHEREAS, many members of the Cosa have recently expressed interest in seeing the Constiruziun completely revised,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the 21st Cosâ of Talossa that the Uppermost Cort (Cort Inalt) be charged with forming the TCRC, the Talossan Constituziun Revision Commission, whose purpose will be to review the current document and either come back to the Cosâ with a bill stating their proposed changes, come back to the Cosâ with an entirely new document for the approval of the Cosa and the Talossan people, or inform the Cosa that no changes to the Constituziun are necessary. The TCRC will be overseen by the Uppermost Cort, which will have one month from the date this resolution is passedby the Cosa to form the corrmiission. The TCRC will have 6 12 months from the date this resolution is passed by the Cosâ in which to complete this task. (Amended by 21RC43)

Uréu q'estadra så: Ken Oplinger (ZPT-T.S.O.)

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