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The Opposition Leader Appointment Act

WHEREAS the current manner by which the Government's recognized Leader of the Opposition is chosen is undemocratic, and thus that Leader may not accurately represent the wishes of the Opposition;

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby wishes the King to abide by the following procedure for the appointment of an Opposition Leader:


"Governing party" is the political party providing the Prime Minister; "Coalition Member of the Cosâ" serves as a Minister or Deputy Minister or functional equivalent in the Cabinet, but holds his Seat as an independent or under another partisan label than that of the "Governing party"; "Opposition Member of the Cosâ " is any Member of the Cosâ who holds a Seat as an independent or under another partisan label than that of the "Governing party", and is not a "Coalition Member of the Cosâ "; "Opposition Secretary" is the Leader of the political party with the largest quanTitative delegation of "Opposition Member(s) of the Cosâ ", or a "Opposition Member of the Cosâ " designated as "Opposition Secretary" by that Leader. PROCEDURE: The Opposition Secretary will accept nominations of any Opposition Member of the Cosâ for the post of Opposition Leader from any and all Opposition Member(s) of the Cosâ following a General Election; The nomination period will last two weeks and begin with the publication of the first Clark of a new Cosâ; Immediately following the nominating period, the Opposition Secretary will poll the Opposition Members of the Cosâ as to their preference for Opposition Leader; The polling period will last two weeks; Immediately following the polling period, the Opposition Secretary will submit the poll results to the Monarch; The Monarch, on the advice of the Opposition, will appoint an Opposition Leader; In the event of Opposition Leader resignation, the same procedure outlined above will be followed, with the nominating period beginning with the publication of the next Clark following the resignation. Uréu q'estadra så: Greg Tisher - (ZPT-Vuode)

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