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39RZ19 — The Order of the Bonacon Act

WHEREAS Talossa loves Gloria Estefan, and wishes to retain her as National Entertainer, and

WHEREAS despite this, Talossa is entertained by multitudinous entertainers and entertainments, and

WHEREAS one of these entertainments is the Bonacon, a noble beast of storied past, and

WHEREAS the Bonacon seems a fitting analogue for much celebrity, and

WHEREAS Talossa desires a way of rewarding those who bring it joy,

THEREFORE, the Ziu directs that:

  1. An order of merit be founded, called the Order of the Bonacon, open to Talossans and non-Talossans alike, who, to qualify, must be considered suitably entertaining;
  2. That, excepting the nomination contained in section 3 of this Act, all inductions shall only operate by public declaration of the Seneschal, who is to consider nominations brought to him or her in both public and private. Such declarations are to contain suitable (and suitably entertaining) explanations of the reason for induction.
  3. That the first inductee to the Order of the Bonacon is to be Charlotte Rae, a Milwaukeean, a.k.a. Mrs Garrett in "Diff'rent Strokes" and "The Facts of Life", and most recently a major guest star in four episodes of the final season of "ER".

Uréu q'estadra sa:
Owen Edwards (MC, PP)

Scribe's Notes

  1. Vetoed by King John "in defense of the Organic Law and of the Royal prerogatives", maintaining that the power to create orders is reserved to the King.

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