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The PM Nomination Amendment

Précis: This Amendment simply puts into law what the tradition has been ever since we started having elections. It also strips the King of his power to name a Prime Minister opposed by a majority party in the Cosâ. The following articles are rewritten as follows:

Art. 45. The head of the government is called, in the national language, el Seneschál. In the English language, he is called the Prime Minister, or "PM." Any Member of the Cosâ is eligible to be Prime Minister; however, the King of Talossa may never be Prime Minister. Art. 46. The King shall appoint the Prime Minister from among the Members of the Cosâ. If a single party occupies a majority of the seats in the Cosâ, the King shall choose as PM whichever Member of the Cosâ shall be designated by that party's leader. If no single party hasa majority, the King shall appoint a Prime Minister afte consulting with party leaders with the objective of finding a PM who can be sustained (in subsequent Votes of Confidence) by a majority of seats in the Cosâ. The King must appoint a Prime Minister within one week of the end of elections.

Art. 47. Once sworn in, it is the PM's responsibility to "form a government." This is an informal procedure designed to assure himself and the public that he has the support of a majority in the Cosâ (see Art. 56a). Once he has "formed a government," the Prime Minister receives control of his appointive seats.

Proposed by: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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