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The Palace of Hot Wheels Act

Whereas King Robert I and Amy Durnford met and have been in the throes of love for a great long time,

Whereas our King and Ms. Durnford, aka The Princess of Hot Wheels, have been married under the laws of the Kingdom of Talossa and shall soon be married under the laws of our ally, the United States of America,

Whereas our King will soon be moving to the home of the Princess of Hot Wheels,

Whereas for the first time since Independence, our King shall not be living in the place which is now and which ever will be the heart of our nation and empire,

Whereas Ms. Durnford's place needs an appropriate name,

Therefore, the Ziu hereby confers upon the home of the Princess of Hot Wheels the status of Royal Palace as well as the name of Palace of Hot Wheels unless our King and Princess have better names in mind.

So it has been written, So let it be done.

Uréu q'estadra så: Jeffrey Ragsdale - (ind./RCT-Maricopa)

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