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The Permanent Provincial Habitation Act

Whereas, gajillions of bills have been passed attempting to define who lives in what provinces and what the rules are for moving from one province to the other, but Whereas, it is impossible, utterly impossible to keep track of our rapidly shifting citizens for the purposes of determining exactly where each and every one of us lives at any given moment; THEREFORE the Cosa hereby repeals any and all previous bills dealing with the question of what province people are living in, and adopts the following as the Law of the Land:

Talossans shall be considered to inhabit Provinces permanently, regardless of where they really live. If a Talossan citizen wishes to change his Provincial assignment from one Province to another, he must do so by Law of the Cosâ. For purposes of this Act, our Citizens are considered to be living in the following Provinces: ATATÜRK (Dave Kuenn, Ron and Jasmine Rosalez, Florence Yarney, Harry Wozniak); MUSSOLINI (Jenn Williams, Antonio Riley, Tom Buffone, John Eiffler, Josh Macht, Sandee Prachel); VUODE (Ben, Harry, & Jennifer Madison, Nick Kovac, Andrew Worm, Wes Erni, Dan Lorentz); SOUTH-WEST TERRITORIES (Andrew Wozniak, John & Patrick McGarry, Gary Schwichtenberg, Melanie & Alexander Freeman); MARJTIIMI-MAXHESTIC (John Jahn, Charmaine Chvala-Smith, Brook Gläfke).

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Madison (PC-Vuode)

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