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The Pete Rose Pardon and Hall of Fame act

1. Whereas, Pete Rose was one of Major League Baseball's greatest players, and

2. Whereas, Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame for his achievements, and

3. Whereas, The minor gambling infraction he committed is keeping him out of the Hall of Fame;

4. Therefore, The Ziu recommends that the President of the United States pardons Pete Rose of all gambling related crimes, and

- Officially recommends to the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig, that he takes immediate and decisive action to ensure Pete Rose's place in the Baseball's Hall of Fame this year.

- Expresses to Pete Rose and his family our condolences for all emotional damage caused by not inducting him in a more timely fashion.

- Demands that Bud Selig issue an apology to Pete Rose on behalf of Major League Baseball.

Uréu q'estadra så: Ron Rosalez - (Ind.-Vuode)

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