Law:The Popular Sovereignty (Initiative) Act

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6RC56 — The Popular Sovereignty (Initiative) Act

Article XLVI of the Organic Law is hereby repealed. In its place, the following law is enacted: "Talossa embraces the principle of the Initiative Referendum. Any citizen or group may propose an Initiative Referendum to be placed upon the ballot at the next general election. To be put on the ballot, the Initiative Referendum question must be phrased so that it can be answered "yes" or "no". A petition, signed by no fewer than four Talossan citizens, must accompany the request to put an Initiative Referendum question on the ballot. If approved by the electorate, the decision mandated by the question is binding and may not be vetoed. The Cosa shall enforce the decision by means of appropriate legislation."

Proposed by: Rob't Madison (PC-Vuode)

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