Law:The Prime Dictate Clarification Act

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The Prime Dictate Clarification Act

WHEREAS the Organic Law grants the Ziu as a corporate body the power to legislate through majoritarian democratic procedure; and

WHEREAS the Prime Minister's Organic unilateral authority to issue Prime Dictates (PD) with the force of Law can, if used irresponsibly, usurp the democratic foundations of Talossan law and government;

THEREFORE the Ziu strongly urges the current and future Prime Ministers of Talossa to use the power of the Prime Dictate with caution and respect, limiting its usage to memorials, congratulatory notices, internal Government organization, executive policy clarification, and other appropriate and limited governmental matters, and leave legislation solely for democratic consideration by the whole Ziu.

Uréu q'estadra så: Gregory A. Tisher (ZPT-Vuode)

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