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The Prime Ministers Must do Their Duty Amendment

Whereas, recent RT PMs have displayed a remarkable inability to lead the nation that the Talossan people and their King have entrusted to them, the following amendments are made:

To Article 48, added at end: "However, the Prime Minister may not vote with his appointive seats unless and until he has issued a Speech to the Nation and named his initial Cabinet."

To Article 50; added between "...dissolve the Cosâ" and "...appoint and remove members...": "issue a Speech to the Nation in writing and consisting of at least 50 words." The above two amendments will mean that a PM will not be able to use his appointive seats until he has named members to his Cabinet and issued his Speech to the Nation - the latter is hereby a provision of Constitutional law.

Proposed by: John A. Jahn (PC-Maritiimi-Maxhestic)

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