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33RZ2 — The Provincial Elections Reform (Amendment) Act

WHEREAS, provincial governments in Talossa have become a cesspool of partisan corruption exacerbated by low-turnout elections, undemocratic constitutions, lifetime terms of office, and (in times past) partisan manipulation by the Secretary of State, and

WHEREAS, a national consensus now exists that the reform of provincial governments on a nationwide basis is good for the healthy functioning of democracy,

THEREFORE, the Ziu hereby approves this Act and orders its transmittal to the voters for their verdict in the next general election.

Article XVII, Section 9 of the Organic Law is hereby repealed. In its place, the following text is inserted:
Art.XVII:Sec.9. Each Province shall have its own single-chamber parliament, to be named at the discretion of each Province. The dissolution of the federal Cosâ, for whatever reason, shall cause the dissolution of all provincial parliaments, and shall entail an election in each province for its own parliament, concurrent with the Cosâ election.
Art.XVII:Sec.9a. Each provincial parliament shall consist of several seats. The number of seats for each provincial parliament shall be identical to the number of seats elected to the federal Cosâ from that province, and the distribution of seats by party in each provincial parliament shall be identical to the distribution of seats by party in that province's elected delegation to the federal Cosâ.
Art.XVII:Sec.9b. As an exception to the preceding rule, any political party is free to specifically contest an election for the provincial parliament of any province. Election ballots shall guarantee the right of all citizens in all provinces to vote for an individual party for their provincial parliament.
Art.XVII:Sec.9c. In the event that a voter does not specify an individual party for his provincial parliament on his ballot, his vote for a political party in the federal Cosâ shall apply to the provincial parliament. A voter may always vote for a different Cosâ party from his provincial parliament party, by indicating said provincial parliament party on the ballot.
Art.XVII:Sec.9d. Each provincial parliament, once elected, shall choose by majority vote of its seats the rules under which the parliament shall operate. These rules are subject to review by the Uppermost Cort to guarantee that they do not violate the rights of voters in the province concerned. Each provincial parliament, once elected, shall choose by majority vote of its seats an executive officer or Premier (to be given such titles as the provincial parliament shall determine) analogous to the federal Prime Minister.
Art.XVII:Sec.9e. The King shall appoint, on the advice of the Prime Minister, a Cunstavál (or Constable) for each province, who shall serve during times of good behaviour. The Cunstavál shall exercise, within the province, all executive authority granted to the Crown by the Organic Law nationally, except he shall have no say in the dissolution of provincial parliaments.

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Robert I, King of Talossa

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