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37RZ15 — The Provincial Government Unshackling Act (Amendment)

WHEREAS it is greatly to be desired that the political life of Talossa's individual Provinces be made more interesting, competitive, exciting, meaningful, and just plain fun, and

WHEREAS some of the Provinces are much closer to being ready to have interesting, competitive, exciting, meaningful, and just plain fun politics than are others, and

WHEREAS reforms adopted in the past three years have failed to spur provincial activity, and

WHEREAS these departures from historic practice since the adoption of the Organic Law may have even stifled provincial politics by limiting the flexibility and creativity of the provinces in the area of self-government, and

WHEREAS since taking the provinces' freedom away from them didn't make things any better, it may as well be given back, now

THEREFORE the Senäts and Cosâ hereby approve the following amendment to the Organic Law, and transmit it to the populace for ratification.

  1. The language "at the same time and with the same rules as the Cosâ general electon and under the direction of the Secretary of State office" is removed from Article XVII, Section 5.
  2. Sections 9 through 9e of Article XVII are replaced with the following language:
    Section 9. Each Province shall govern itself in such a manner as to guarantee its citizens the full protection of their rights under this Organic Law. Provincial elections may, if so specified in a Province's constitution, be conducted by the Chancery at the same time as elections to the Cosâ, and in accordance with the national election laws and rules. The King shall appoint a Cunstavál (or Constable) for each Province. Until such time as the King or Cunstavál proclaims a provincial constitution providing otherwise, a Province's Cunstavál shall serve as Military Governor and may exercise all the powers of the provincial government. No Cunstavál shall proclaim any provincial constitution or constitutional amendment which:
    • Conflicts with any provision of this Organic Law,
    • Grants to the King (and consequently to the Cunstavál as the King's representative in the Province) royal powers less extensive than those granted to the King on the national level, except that the provincial royal powers need not include a right of dissolution if provincial elections are held concurrently with Cosâ elections,
    • Fails to provide a right to appeal decisions of the provincial court or courts (if any) to the Cort pü Unalt or such other national courts as may be created by the Ziu, or
    • In the case of the adoption of a new constitution, is not approved by a referendum in which at least either a majority of all citizens of the province or a two-thirds majority of votes actually cast is in favor of the constitution.

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