Law:The R.U.H.S. Shrine of Knowledge Act

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The R.U.H.S. Shrine of Knowledge Act

Whereas, the entire Mussolini Province presently has no self-government, and Whereas, Riverside University High School was attended by a very significant percentage of our population (including our king) and perhaps still holds a special place in their hearts, and Whereas education is propoerly revered among Talossans, and Whereas Nick Kovac aand andrew worm are the only citizens presently attending R.U.H.S., Therefore the area of Riverside and Riverside Park (bounded by the River, Locust St., Oakland Ave., and a few insignificant roadways) shall be considered separate from Mussolini Province, and in fact not a province at all. This area shall be officially titled the Riversidal Institute of Talossan Learning, or, if you like ironic acronyms: the Fabled Learning University of Neverending Knowledge (FLUNK), and will be an honored and unique part of Talossa. (Sort of like Vatican City, but still a part of Talossa.) NK and AW will have their citizenship moved from the Madison-dominated Vuode Province to this new and sacred shrine of Talossa. They will be considered its caretakers and will have full provincial-like authority over the region - to govern it and preserve its sacredness.

Proposed by: Nick Kovac (MP-Vuode)

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