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25 RZ18

The Realism in Ministries Act

WHEREAS the Government has the Organically-required positions of:

Prime Minister
Deputy Prime Minister
Defense Minister
Foreign Minister
Immigration Minister
Minister of Stuff; and
WHEREAS the following Ministries also do stuff:
Minister of Micronational Affairs
Culture Minister; and

WHEREAS we got all this, but we also got tons of relatively-useless Ministries and Deputies; THEREFORE the Ziu affirms the Prime Minister's right to appoint Ministries at will, but requests the privilege of approving all non-Organically-required Ministries at their date of creation, and requests that, if the Ziu doesn't not approve them, the Prime Minister will retract their appointment; and

THEREFORE the Ziu requests that the Prime Minister only appoint Ministers that will actually do something, and not just make petty titles. The Ziu is committed to the responsible Government of the Kingdom. If a Minister has held this title for many years, the Ziu asks that the Prime Minister instead ask the King to honour the Minister with a Royal Award instead of a Ministry; and

THEREFORE the Ziu ALSO requests that the Prime Minister not appoint Deputies except where absolutely needed; and

ALSO if the Prime Minister does not appoint a Minister that would have to do a certain task, he or she may do it his or herself, in other words, all Ministries left vacant could be functionally held by the Prime Minister; and

LASTLY the Ziu requests that if the Prime Minister doesn't have to appoint a minister, he won't.

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