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The Really Make Sense Act

Whereas the Making Sense Bill was approved by the Ziu despite objection of the Secretary of State office,

Whereas the bill in itself isn't a bad thing, it just assigns part of the SoS office juridiction to a different part of the Juridiction,

THEREFORE the Ziu amends the Making Sense bill as follows:

1) The Scribe of Abbavilla is stripped of all powers and responsibilities defined in the Making Sense Law (31LZ5)

2) Assigns these responsibilities and powers to the Secretary of State Office, allowing the Secretary of State to nominate a citizen to perform the duties in his name

3) Requests to the Secretary of State to transfer to the person holding the title of Scribe of Abbavilla the responsibilities and powers defined in the Making Sense Law until futher notice.

Uréu q'estadra så: Marti-Pair Furxheir - (Secretary of State)

Scribe's note: the name of the sponsor of this bill was changed from his non-Talossan name to his Talossan name at his request.

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