Law:The Renunciation and Amnesty (Amendment) Act

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33RZ9 — The Renunciation and Amnesty (Amendment) Act

Article XVIII, Section 11 of the Organic Law is hereby rewritten to read as follows:

A citizen who has voluntarily renounced his citizenship, or who is judged by the Uppermost Cort to have renounced his citizenship, may petition for a restoration of his citizenship. The petition should contain a “Why Talossa Hasn’t Meant That Much To Me Lately” essay, explaining the reasons for his original renunciation. The King may grant clemency to such persons and restore their citizenship, if the petition for restoration comes within one year of the date of renunciation. Otherwise, and at any time, the unanimous verdict of the Uppermost Cort shall suffice for the renunciator to have his citizenship restored. The Cort may also impose such legal penalties, as it shall determine, as penance for those people who renounce their citizenship and then return.

The Ziu hereby adopts this wording and transmits it to the people of Talossa for their verdict in a referendum.

Uréu q’estadra så:
King Robert I

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