Law:The Repeal of Those Asinine, Annoying Questions Act

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The Repeal of Those Asinine, Annoying Questions Act

WHEREAS LZ50 of October, 1998 [24RZ50] established a cumbersome system of "Questions to the Executive" which have increased the length of the Clark enormously and put great stress upon the Secretary of State's office to comply with publishing both questions and answers thereof; and

WHEREAS, the purpose of LZ50 of October, 1998 [24RZ50] was to increase debate among, and accountability of, public officials--a function which the privately-owned Wittenberg already performs; and

WHEREAS many of us think that government has no business doing something that private industry can do more cheaply and more efficiently;

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby repeals LZ50 of October, 1998 [24RZ50] and abolishes the "Questions to the Executive" on the Clark, and encourages the Talossan people to pose their questions directly to the country's leaders on Wittenberg.

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