Law:The Revised Citizenship Assignments Reform Act of 2000

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The Revised Citizenship Assignments Reform Act of 2000

Whereas, the assignment of citizens to provinces based on the People To Provinces arrangement of November, 1997 (LZ 22.11.97) has proven controversial and unfair in practice, and

Whereas, a substantial consensus exists that the current system of apportioning citizens by geographical region is still the preferred model, but

Whereas, redistricting the geographic assignments has proven to be a contentious issue;

THEREFORE: The Ziu hereby amends LZ 22.11.97 by attaching the following clause:

"All such citizenship assignments shall be made when the province to which the citizen is assigned does not exceed one-fifth of the total population of Talossa on the day prior to the naturalization of the citizen.

"In the event that the province exceeds one-fifth of the total population, that population is closed to further Cybercit assignments until such time as it no longer exceeds one-fifth of the total population.

"For purposes of this Act, Provinces shall be listed in the following order: Cézembre, Florencia, Atatürk, Vuode, Maritiimi-Maxhestic, Maricopa, Mussolini.

"No citizen may be assigned to a "closed" province. In the event that a citizen's assignment would place him within a "closed" province, the citizen is assigned to the next province on the list which is not "closed."

"Nothing in this Act shall affect the assignment of any citizen prior to the date of its passage, nor shall this Act affect the future status of citizens who physically live within the territory of the Kingdom of Talossa."

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Ben Madison - (PC-Vuode)

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