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35RZ24 - The Royal Household Cleaning Act

WHEREAS various offices which are not political in nature have been created from time to time to serve the King and his nation, and

WHEREAS some confusion has arisen as to the duties, responsibilities, and proper purview and extent of some of these offices, and

WHEREAS the duties and functions of these various offices are not uniformly described in law, and

WHEREAS it would do the Kingdom good to alleviate the confusion surrounding these offices and introduce uniformity to their methods of operation, now

THEREFORE the Ziu hereby ENACTS that

  1. The following offices are henceforth to be styled the Offices of the Royal Household, that the head of each such office shall be considered an Officer of the Royal Household, and that the duties and functions of the offices shall be those described below, including for each office any similar duties as may be assigned or imposed.
    1. The Chancery, headed by the Secretary of State. The functions of the Chancery are to prepare and submit the Clark, determine and report the passage or failure of each resolution considered by the Ziu, conduct, certify, and report upon all national elections, maintain the census and citizenship list, assist the citizenry in determining Talossan language personal names and registering the same, register political parties, communicate census information to political party leaders, and track and maintain legislative seating assignments.
    2. The Scribery of Abbavilla, headed by the Scribe of Abbavilla. The functions of the Scribery are to maintain and publish the Organic and statutory laws of the Kingdom, and oversee the Internet presence of the Kingdom.
    3. The Royal Archives, headed by the Royal Archivist. The function of the Archives is to preserve and make available the historical artifacts and information of the Kingdom in museums and other venues.
    4. The Royal Treasury, headed by the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue. The function of the treasury is to:
      1. collect all revenues due to the King,
      2. maintain and report to the Finance Minister and the Government on the fiduciary health of the Kingdom,
      3. disburse from the treasury all funds legitimately appropriated by the Ziu,
      4. keep a record of all changes in the account balances of the Royal Treasury.
    5. The College of Arms, headed by the Squrrel King (or Queen) of Arms. The function of the College of Arms is to create and maintain all Talossan flags and coats of arms and achievements, to advise and support the King in the awarding of all such arms and all titles of honour and nobility, to advise the citizens regarding heraldic issues, and to govern the armorial practice and regulations of the Kingdom.
    6. The Royal Talossan Bar, headed by the Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar. The function of the Royal Talossan Bar is to oversee the conduct of all persons practicing law within the Corts of the Kingdom, determine upon the efficacy of admitting and excluding persons to and from this body, and to assist and represent subjects of the King in pleas brought before His Majesty's justices.
    7. The Civil Service, headed by the Commissioner of the Civil Service. The function of the Civil Service is to appoint and dismiss Permanent Secretaries within the cabinet ministries as well as other non-political appointees as may be appropriate.
    8. The University of Talossa, headed by the Regent of the University of Talossa. The function of the University of Talossa is to provide educational opportunities and recognize achievement in Talossan academic studies and accomplishments.
  2. The Officers of the Royal Household shall have no fixed terms of office, and shall not be removed from office by the dissolution of the Cosa. The Officers of the Royal Household are appointed and removed by the King on the recommendation of the Prime Minister. The three exceptions to this are that the Secretary of State shall be appointed by the Prime Minister acting alone and may be removed by law; the Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar shall be appointed and removed by the King on the recommendation of a resolution of the Senäts; and the Commissioner of the Civil Service, who shall be appointed by the King, for a two year renewable term, after being recommended by a legislative civil service committee and approved by a two-thirds majority vote in the Cosa and a majority vote of the Senäts in favor of appointment. The Chancellor may be removed by the King on the recommendation of the Senäts.
  3. Each of the Officers of the Royal Household is empowered to appoint one or more deputies who may act in the place of that officer in all cases. The King and nation shall be informed of all such appointments.
  4. Each Officer of the Royal Household is empowered to organize or reorganize his office in any manner he deems shall best effect its services to the King, including by the creation of bureaus, departments, administrations, divisions, commissions, guilds, and other agencies or bodies of operation. Each Officer is empowered to appoint any Talossan citizen to any position within his office, and to dismiss any person from the same, and to empower any subservient official to make similar appointments and dismissals within any specific agency of the Office of the Royal Household.
  5. The Office of National Names is dissolved, and that the Chancery is instructed to incorporate the duties of the Office of National Names into its functions.
  6. The Royal Bank and Post is responsible for setting and instituting the economic policies of the Kingdom, issuing and regulating the currency of the Kingdom, and investing funds from the royal treasury for best effect to His Majesty's realm. Be it further clarified by this act that the Chairman of the Royal Bank and Post is a political office and is not an Office of the Royal Household, and that therefore this Chairman shall lose his office when the Government that appointed him is replaced by a new elected administration. The Chairman of the Royal Bank and Post, when invited to participate in the Cabinet, shall be additionally styled and addressed as the Minister of Finance, and his office as the Ministry of Finance.
  7. This act supercedes and replaces any and all existing statutory laws pertaining to the various Offices and Officers of the Royal Household, the Office of National Names, and the Royal Bank and Post, which are in conflict with the provisions of this act.

Uréu q’estadra så:
Baron Hooligan (Senator, Vuode)

Scribe's Notes

  1. The following paragraph was removed by 35RZ29 when The University of Talossa was added:
    The Royal Geographic Society, headed by the Royal Geographer. The function of this office is to survey and map the Kingdom, determine provincial and territorial boundaries, and conduct all diggings, explorations, and expeditions calculated to expand the body of knowledge concerning His Majesty's realm.
  2. The final paragraph of this Act repeals The Grim Reaper Act, 20RC36.
  3. The Burger with No Cheese Act amended this act.
  4. The Circumscribe the Scribe Act amended this act.

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