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The Royal Succession Act

WHEREAS succession to the Somewhat Battered Throne of Talossa is governed according to the House Law of the House and Dynasty of Madison (dated 11 February 1989 and published with the March, 1989 Clark); and

WHEREAS the current House Law designates that, in the absence of any legal heirs of the current Monarch, that the Throne shall pass (in the case of his demise or abdication) to the other descendants of Harry L. Madison, the King's father; and

WHEREAS this principle means that Jennifer L. Madison, the King's sister, is currently the Heir Apparent to the Talossan Throne; but

WHEREAS Jennifer has never demonstrated any interest in inheriting the Throne, the Ziu hereby amends Article 5 of the House Law to read as follows;

"In default of a successor entitled to the Crown by virtue of the three preceding articles, the King may designate his successor by public letter to the Ziu, to be ratified thereby through a two-thirds majority.

"If such appointed successor of the King shall have died before the King, his descendants shall take his place..." [Remainder of article unchanged.]

Uréu q'estadra så: Robert Ben Madison - (PC-Vuode)

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