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The Royal Wedding Enabling Act

Be it hereby resolved that WHEREAS, the Talossan People have a vital stake in the perpetuation of their Monarchy; and Whereas, HRM King Robert I of Talossa has become engaged to Jenny Pan, thus raising the intended likelihood of marriage and the terrifying possibility of a legitimate biological heir to the Somewhat Battered Throne of Talossa, THEREFORE the Cosâ

Hereby accepts King Robert I's formal appeal for Cosâ legitimation of the impending union between these representatives of the great civilizations of China and Talossa; Approves the marriage as being in the best interests of the Kingdom, as explained in Article 8 of the House Law of the House and Dynasty of Madison; Legitimizes the children of this union (if any) as rightful heirs to the Throne; and Conveys as the nation's representatives Talossa's best wishes to the Royal Family.

Noi urent q'estadra så: HRM King Robert I (PC-Vuode)

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